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Guided Self-drive Tours of Oahu


Online Demo

Listen to sample audio files below the screens, just like the stories and instructions you will hear as you drive along.

GyPSy Guide automatically plays audio commentary about what you are seeing as you drive along. The screen will change as it activates. It tells you about interesting things that you are approaching. You can decide where you want to stop or when you want to keep going to the next place of interest. (click on the grey play button below the picture of the screen to hear)

You will hear stories that relate to the area, Oahu and Hawaii. The stories are a mixture of history, legends, culture, and much, much more. You will enjoy a much richer experience than just looking and guessing!

The GyPSy Guide will give you directions to help you stay on the tour routes that have been designed to show you the best of each area. If you have a choice of which way you would like to go, GyPSy will tell you your options and then play commentary depending on what you decided. You decide where you want to go within the coverage area.


Many of our tours are now available as apps for iPhone/iPad and Android. Click here for our apps website