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Guided Self-drive Tours of Maui


Hula Aloha from Maui!

While visiting Maui you will want to rent a car and go and explore this magical island paradise. And Maui has spectacular scenery and diversity for you to enjoy. You won't miss a thing as you drive if you have a GyPSy Guide as your own tour guide in your car.

Rent a GyPSy Guide and take yourself on your own fascinating guided driving tours around Maui. The Road to Hana is Maui's most famous drive. Wind your way around more than 600 curves and over 50+ bridges as you follow the shoreline. Or drive from the beach to 10,000 feet elevation at the incredible crater landscape of Haleakala. There are even more great drives around the Island.

Trip Advisor 2012 Certificate GyPSy Guide plays interesting and entertaining commentary and stories AUTOMATICALLY as you approach interesting places. Our team of professional tour guides has filled GyPSy Guide with stories, facts, tips and advice to make sure you don't miss any of the best things to see and do. The audio is recorded by real people and plays through the stereo as you drive, just like listening to the radio.

Demo ImageGyPSy Guide leads you along the tour route and tells you stories about the Island's beautiful culture and interesting history in addition to many suggestions how to best spend your valuable time, just like having a local friend. If you don't want to join a bus tour, but you still want to see all the attractions and hear the interesting stories, then GyPSy Guide is the way to go.

CDs and guide books canít tell you what to stop for and what things to notice as you drive, and many interesting places donít even have signs. GyPSy Guide is the best way to drive and be informed and entertained.

Rent a GyPSy Guide from one of our convenient locations in Lahaina or Kihei. Be independent in your own car or rental car, let GyPSy be your tour guide. Its easy!.

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Many of our tours are now available as apps for iPhone/iPad and Android. Click here for our apps website