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Guided Self-drive Tours of Western Canada



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We know you have likely never experienced anything like GyPSy Guide ever before and and you might not be sure if it will make your trip better. So we have collected feedback from the many our clients and want to present you with honest data on what people thought of it. We are always looking to improve GyPSy Guide and we aren’t afraid to find out what people think. GyPSy Guide is one of the very first products of its type anywhere in the world.

Here are the results to key questions from our surveys of users:

Would you recommend GyPSy Guide to family and friends?

Yes No
97% 3%

How enjoyable was your GyPSy Guide?

Out of this World Amazing Fun OK Just so-so
10% 53% 26% 8% 3%

Was it easy to set up?

Yes Kind of No
84% 14% 2%

How would you rate the stories, facts and directions?

Outstanding Very good OK Boring
35% 57% 7% 1%

Do you think GyPSy made your trip better?

How did I ever travel without it? Of course No
36% 60% 4%

Here are some of the comments we received back from GyPSy Guide clients. We didn't make these up!

My husband and I just came home from our trip to the Canadian Rockies. I must admit that having the Gypsy Guide with us made a great difference. We loved the flexibility it added to our trip as well as all the comments included in the tour. Gypsy Guide made our trip very enjoyable, informative and entertaining. I would recommend your Gypsy Guide to anyone planning on visiting the Canadian Rockies. Congratulations.

Thank you so very much. I shall keep on recommending your device to all who plan to go to that area of world. Does your company have a similar unit for other destinations?

We have just returned from the Rockies and had a great time. We loved the GyPSy Guide. It was great to have the commentary while driving and the tours loaded were amazing. The kids named the male and female voices Sam and Dianne and it was so much fun to see where they were going to take us next. I am recommending this product to anyone who will listen . . .my thirteen year old daughter says I am an infomercial for the GyPSy Guide. . . Thanks again and hope to use you soon on another great adventure!!

Thanks again -without GyPSy we would have simply driven by a lot of places without knowing anything about them.

The Gypsy was awesome. It sure made our trip. It was full of all kinds of interesting stuff and made our trip soooo much better. I would highly recommend it.

I recently travelled from Calgary to Vancouver Island using one of your Gypsy electronic tour guides, and I was delighted with the navigation assistance and all the interesting facts along the way. Thank you for making my Canadian tour so much more interesting and rewarding.

I tell you, getting the GyPSy was the best money spent. We would have missed a lot of great places to see if it were not for this service.

I just returned to Ontario from a western holiday where I used your wonderful GyPSy Guide on a drive from Banff to Jasper. It was great! I hope you'll soon be in other parts of the country.

We drove from Jasper to Calgary with the aid of a GyPsy Guide.We are just so glad that we found out about this device and your service (we found you originally on the Rocky Mountaineer website). The device was everything we hoped it would be and more. It put the icing on a magnificent experience for us. So thank you - little words with a big meaning - for helping to make us so very happy!

Just to let you know how impressed I was with this. My girlfriend flew me out for my birthday and we did the tour to Banff and Lake Louise from Calgary, I’ve never seen anything like this, it was the highlight of my weekend for sure.

I think that it is a VERY creative use of GPS technology; good job! The "tour guide" voices are very friendly and easy to listen to for extended periods of time. The voice clarity on the radio is excellent. It enhanced our traveling experience tremendously; we stopped at many more places along the way than we had originally planned (for instance, the 3 hour drive from Lake Louise to Jasper wound up taking over 8 hours with all the stops). And the demo online was very effective. I would recommend it heartily to anyone visiting this area. Having multiple pick-up and drop-off locations was very convenient.

I want to let you know what a wonderful invention you have. We brought our own GPS with us to get us from address to address, but the Gypsy was incredible and made our vacation that much better. We're not the type that like to go on formalized tours and this was ideal for us. If you ever need any recommendations, I would be glad to help.

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