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Guided Self-drive Tours of Western Canada


How It Works

Rent GyPSy Guide from one of our convenient locations. The minimum rental is for one day but most people take GyPSy Guide for their whole driving vacation in Western Canada. You can rent from one location and return it to another. We highly recommend that you reserve your GyPSy Guide before you arrive to avoid the disappointment of a location being sold out.

It's a small device (PDA) that rides along with you in your vehicle and plays commentary through the vehicle's stereo. As you drive through an area of interest, the device AUTOMATICALLY plays an audio specific to that location.

The commentary is an entertaining mix of interesting stories, facts and figures, history, geopgraphy, directions and Canadiana, all recorded by professional tour guides. And the best thing is, the commentary starts and stops by itself because the device always knows where you are! You can leave the vehicle for a hike, lunch or rest break and it will start up automatically at the next point.

Click here to see the demo or visit our coverage map to hear samples from our tour sectors.

The technology is sophisticated but simple to use. Once you set up GyPSy Guide, there is nothing else for you to do – other than enjoy the entertaining stories as you take in the spectacular scenery and points of interest.

The tours have an excellent variety of information designed to help you get the most out of your vacation.

You can rent the GyPSy Guide for a day or for as long as you plan to travel. Just pick up the device from one of our downtown or airport locations, attach it to either your own vehicle or a rental, and off you go. Free to travel wherever you want – no time line to follow, no need to remember to turn it on when you get somewhere .

Easy to set up video

Option 1 - for vehicles with Auxiliary input

Option 2 - use the provided FM transmitter for vehicles without Auxillary input

Easy to set up

GyPSy Guide is easy to set up. You will receive all of the components you need to begin touring in your rental kit. There is an easy to follow instruction card too.
These are the steps:

  1. Attach the cradle to the windshield of your car.
  2. Attach the power cord to the GyPSy Guide computer. Plug the other end into the car’s power supply.
  3. Turn on the GyPSy Guide computer.
  4. If the car has an "Auxiliary Input" in the stereo, plug the auxiliary cable into the computer and the other end into the car’s Auxiliary Input.
  5. If the car does not have an Auxiliary Input, then follow the instructions to use the supplied FM transmitter instead.
  6. Turn on the car stereo.
  7. Wait for the GyPSy Guide to connect to satellites.
  8. Once the Gypsy Guide has enough satellites connected, you simply start driving along the GyPSy Guide route and enjoy the commentary.

Once your GyPSy Guide is set up, you don’t have to do anything else. It knows where you are and which way you are going. It will activate commentary automatically as you drive providing you with interesting information, advice and tips.

You will also receive maps that show you the routes that the GyPSy Guide follows and they will help you plan how to spend your time.

When you finish your trip, simply pack up the kitand return at our convenient locations.

More questions...? Check our FAQ page.

Many of our tours are now available as apps for iPhone/iPad and Android. Click here for our apps website