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Guided Self-drive Tours of Western Canada



How do I get the GyPSy Guide into my vehicle?

The device attaches to the windshield of any vehicle so it has a clear view to overhead satellites using a suction cup that leaves no mark or damage of any kind. It has a cord you can plug into a cigarette lighter to ensure that the device has sufficient power. Then just tune the stereo to the same station as the device.

Can I use it in a rental car?

Yes. Because the device has no effect on the vehicle and causes no damage, it can be used in any vehicle – your own or a rental. You can attach it to any type of windshield including cars, SUVs, minivans or RV's.

I already have a GPS - do I need GyPSy Guide?

GyPSy Guide is not a traditional navigator like most GPS's. You don't input an address and have GyPSy provide you directions only. Its a tour guide, but it will also give you general directions at important intersection and junctions. GyPSy knows where you are and tells you about what you are seeing. Traditional GPS units don't do this. Much of the driving in Western Canada is on highways that you will follows for hours. GyPSy will let you know when you have a decision to make about which way to go.

Should I have a regular GPS for my western Canada driving trip?

If you plan to do alot of driving in the big cities like Vancouver and Calgary then it might be helpful if you don't plan to follow GyPSy's suggested sightseeing routes. But out on the highways and in the small communities between the major cities, its really easy to find your way around and GyPSy will assist you. It is common to follow the same highway for hours! We will give you a paper driving map with your rental too.

What will I hear about on the tours?

Our content is designed and presented by the best local tour guides to be entertaining and interesting. We want you to hear about all the interesting things in each area. There is a mixture of human history, natural history, current issues, quirky tales, and at least 20 other topics! You will enjoy a much more interesting driving tour because its like having a local guide ride along with you.

Is GyPSy Guide good value for money?

Yes! In most areas it costs about $100 per person to take a day long bus sightseeing tour. Just because you don't want to ride on a bus with strangers, doesn't mean that you don't want to learn all the interesting things about each area. For less than 40% of the cost of one person taking a bus tour, you can drive yourself, hear all the interesting stories and entertain your whole family. Plus you can keep it for the full 24 hours for each rental day so you can visit many more areas than a bus tour will take you to.

I'm not very good with computers. Can I still use the GyPSy Guide?

That is one of the great things about GyPSy Guide. After you attach it to your windshield, all you have to do is turn it on. Using the Global Positioning Satellites, the device always knows where you are and automatically plays a commentary relevant to your location.

How and where do I pick one up and return it?

It's best to pre-reserve the GyPSy Guide. Click the Book Now button to reserve a device online. Quantities are limited, so it's best to reserve in advance to avoid disappointment. When you pre-reserve your Gypsy Guide, you can select the most convenient pick it and drop off locations. There are a number in each region with both airport and downtown locations and one way returns (different pick up and drop off points) are available.

What if I go off the suggested route?

It's okay if you leave the route for which there is content. You can rejoin the route later. You don't have to follow the route in any specific order. If you miss a major turn, you may be asked if you meant to miss that turn. That's the beauty of the system. You can go off on your own side trips and then return to the tour. You will see where the tour routes go on the map in your rental kit.

Is it safe to use while driving?

Yes. Most of the files are audio, so you can concentrate on the road without any need to look at the device. It requires no more concentration than listening to a radio. If there is a visual presentation for an area, the device will advise you to pull into a viewpoint or safe point on the side of the road. At which time you will be able to activate the slideshow or video, without being in a dangerous position.

Is it available in languages other than English?

Almost all the tours can be heard in English and German. For summer 2008, you will be able to drive the Canadian Rockies and Calgary airport route in French too.

But I have a guidebookand a map already?

Yes, but with the GyPSy Guide you don't have to look at the book while you are traveling. Everything happens automatically. You don't have to guess or assume you are looking at the right thing because the device lets you know when it's the right time to notice a point of interest. You will also receive a driving map in your rental kit.

Can I listen to music while I take a GyPSy Guide tour?

We think that everyone's taste in music is personal so we do not load music onto GyPSy Guide. In many areas the commentary activates quite frequently and you won't hear a whole song before the next commentary. In places where there is less commentary you can switch between the GyPSy frequency and a radio station or CD player for example. You will see a new commentary point appear on the screen so you know when to switch back to GyPSy's station.

Take the GyPSy Guide for a day to explore the local area or rent it for your entire trip – it will be an invaluable companion.

Many of our tours are now available as apps for iPhone/iPad and Android. Click here for our apps website