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Las Vegas

If you plan to do some scenic drive touring while you are in Las Vegas, then GyPSy Guide will be your perfect guide. Commentary plays AUTOMATICALLY as you drive, sharing interesting and entertaining stories and information, just like having your very own local tour guide.

The most popular driving trips from Vegas are the Hoover Dam, the West Rim of the Grand Canyon featuring the Glass Sky Walk and the Red Rock Canyon. GyPSy Guide provides commentary and directions all the way to these locations and all new commentary for the drive back to the Strip.

If you want to try GyPSy Guide out, take our FREE TOUR drive up and down the famous Las Vegas Strip. Commentary plays between Downtown Las Vegas and the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, in both directions. Simply join Las Vegas Blvd anywhere along the Strip and hear the tour as you drive.

Click on the Tours Menu below to read more about the fantastic day trip itineraries our professional tour guides have prepared for you. GyPSy Guide is the most comprehensive and entertaining guide available.

** Important. If you are downloading the tour onto an iPad it must be a network capable model for the automatic activation to function. If the iPad is a wireless only model, it does not contain a GPS chip. The GPS function is included on all iPhones 3GS and higher so all iPhones will activate — no problem.

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What is GyPSy Guide?

Audio plays AUTOMATICALLY as you drive. Just Commentary — No ADS!

The world's most advanced Tour Guide for travelers who prefer to drive themselves on sightseeing trips, is now available as an app version for iPhone and iPad. Imagine you had a friend from the area to show you around. Well now you do, GyPSy Guide will be your helpful tour guide, but you keep your independence. (more...)

Las Vegas Strip » FREE
Hoover Dam » $4.99
Grand Canyon » $5.99
Red Rock Canyon » $4.99
Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon Combined » $6.99